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『reche gallery#101 on live 20230407 in Zepp DiverCity TOKYO BD』
limited BOX edition
(2 Blu-rays)
2024.01.01 release

The first solo live performance of reche "reche gallery#101 on live 20230407 in Zepp DiverCity TOKYO" held on April 7, 2023.
This 2-disc set includes the full-length live performance (complete recording of all songs) and a documentary that closely follows reche from rehearsal to performance, which cannot be seen anywhere else.

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FC limited EP
『c*take funggs!! limited trx. : THANXGIVING c*TURKEYS』

2023.12.1 release

reche cover : JUKEBOX vol.001画像

Includes 4 new songs, the sound source of “足跡(SOKUSEKI)” live version.
And reche’s first remix / rearrange version of songs.
The limited EP avaliable for c*take funggs!! members only.

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reche premium live 2023 : over the moon, seeking dawn

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